A Buying Guide to Help You Correctly Match an Existing Wall Color

Scuffs and marks on the wall ruin the look on the wall. A touch upon the marks by employing the use of a similar wall color helps hide and do away with the blemishes on the walls. Paint stores, by using the use of current technology can come up with any paint color hue through a system of the computerized color match, should they be well equipped with the right information. An absence of the original paint can is thus not a hindrance to obtaining the initial color shade to use in the touch-up job. A professional painter can help you hide any and all scuff marks, quickly and easily.

Can it.

The easiest way to match up the original color in use when going for a second one is to tag along with the can. Recreation of the paint hue is easy enough should the can still possess the original paint label after purchase. Without it, the store is still capable of matching paint for its customer by obtaining the right color combination of paint.

Some stores employ the use of software that keeps customer information and the paint type for future references. Should that be the case, the store will easily access the information and get the right paint for you. Another option is the store attendants taking a paint sample from the can try it on the wall and decide on the color shade needed.

Chip it.

In the case, one cannot totally locate the original can of the paint used on the walls, the paint store from which the paint obtained can identify the paint color should a chip be taken to them. They can recreate the hue with a lot of ease. A one-inch square chip can be obtained by using the utility knife to remove peace from some of the areas that cannot easily be noticed. Some if these regions include near the baseboards, under the window frames or even the closets. For easier repair, slightly dig the knife into the wall to attain the top layer of the paint chip.

Card it.

Some people often find themselves saving the sample paid card of the current color on the wall. You can quickly identify paint manufacturers through them. The card is too forwarded to a paint distributor store for the particular paint brand. For instance, the paint card does not match the current color on the wall; the local paint store can offer and provide a paint fan deck. Put the fan along the wall from where it flips until the wall color and that of the fan deck match.

Perfect it.

A pale or highly soiled wall can pose trouble regarding tracing the original color of the wall. For you to reveal the exact paint color and avoid gambling with the color shades on which to use on the wall, it is advisable to clean the wall thoroughly using warm water and some mild detergent. Cans of black and white paint are also necessary for the adjustment of the new paint. If the new paint hue in use is kind of darker compared to the original, then the white paint used to adjust it and achieve the same level of lightness. Should it be darker, a few drops of the black would do? Allow the paint to dry after painting one square foot as paint changes color on drying.