How to Easily Remove a Stump

Old tree stump in yardTree stump removal is no work in the park. Farmers used to put these stumps on fire or used horses to pull them out. There are now available chemicals meant to aid the rotting process of the stump. However, this method is not very ideal because they are toxic and take much time to totally rid of the stump.

It is possible to remove a stump that is relatively small by unearthing it ultimately. But, it may take much effort and several tools to make it happen. That is why if you need to tackle a large stump, it would be to your advantage to ask assistance from a pro.

The cost of the stump grinding service should be among the things to consider when hiring a company. In general, a tree service company determine the cost by the size of the stump to be removed. The most common computation is multiplying the measure of the widest part with the price for contractors. See to it that you request references before saying yes to a contractor.

If you think less dense wood is easier to grind, you are wrong. On the contrary, it takes less time to grind harder wood because of the size of the chip. Aside from a large number of chips it can produce, you also have to wait for a few days for the dust to settle completely.

But, it doesn’t end just because you no longer worry about the dust. You can’t plant grass seed yet because, in the process of decomposition, the chips draw the nitrogen away from the soil, making them a harsh environment for plants to thrive in. Allow the chips to decompose for a year. Adding blood meal to the chips can also speed up the process.

When finally the chips are no longer on site, and the area is ready for replanting, keep in mind that what used to grow here may no longer do this time. An example is a lawn under a large tree. When the tree is removed, you may want to plant Bermuda grass in the area because the tree’s shade will no longer protect it. You may also need to relocate other plantings planted underneath the tree to keep them away from the direct heat of the sun.

Even if you have already taken care of the wood chips from the stump, the tree may still resurface after a while, especially if the roots are still planted. If your tree is planted where there is a lot of grass, you can use a mower to get rid of any new growth that comes back. Further, you use pruners to cut away roots to keep them from growing again. Some stump grinding service can get rid of the roots, but it takes too much effort and manpower. The process is usually costly and can leave your backyard messy. Some roots are more extensive than they look and can extend beyond the circumference of the tree’s canopy, which makes it challenging to get rid of them completely.