If Your Home Has Water Damage, How Can You Claim Damages?

Picture of an old historical home with the floors flooded with water. There are many circumstances that can make a house become flooded or damaged by water, such as if a pipe breaks or you simply live in an area that floods easily and you have to look at the sky every time the clouds are grayer than usual.

If you see yourself in any of these circumstances, here are a few tips and steps to take to declare the incident.

First, you have to know who to complain to and where to go in these cases? The first thing to do is talk to your insurance broker or your insurance company because it is they who will indicate you if your policy covers the claim, and if so, will face repair costs.

However, you have to keep in mind that there are situations where the damages are covered by your insurance, but in others, it is the Insurance Compensation respondent team and others can not even claim damages because its origin is the lack of maintenance of housing.

Here are some examples:

Picture of a house that has water flooding the first floor. The furniture is under water with items stacked to prevent further damageGenerally, if the water leak that caused the damage comes from the pipes in your home, or for leaving you open a tap, or leaks from the faucet or the roof of your home, almost certainly is your insurance company who it will take to cover the damage.

In the case of damage caused by lack of maintenance or care of your home, they will not be covered: if you flooded the house with rainwater because you have left open sale or by continuous drip heating, not if you have condensation damage because of lack of ventilation, etc.

When water enters your home because of a flood from the overflow of a river or by the formation of gullies and landslides generated by torrential rains, you have to contact the Insurance Company, who will take care of compensation in these extraordinary situations will be. You’ll have to report the incident within 7 days by phone, online, or at any office present in all regions.

In any case, the right to receive compensation, it is necessary to prove damages. To do this we must keep all damaged goods and take pictures and videos to document the state of the rooms. It is also advisable to try to recover, if possible, documents or receipts of items that have been damaged so that the expert can determine the correct price of the damage.